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W.I.T Insider is a digital media consulting firm with its own technology media platform. Radiate from Kitchener - Waterloo to Ontario, we are the first tech media platform in KW broadcasting local startups to overseas readers, especially investors. We implemented artificial Intelligence for tech news screening and reported some tech events using Virtual Reality experience. We are dedicated to encourage the growth of Entrepreneur community and connect them with the right opportunities and resources overseas, by providing latest funding opportunity, networking/workshop events, tech trends and immigration policy for entrepreneurs. We also serve local tech startups and established companies with digital media consulting, including digital marketing, front-end design, and PR.

Founded in 2016 September, we have interviewed more than 80 startups in Ontario, hosted a Chinese government funded global startup competition as Waterloo Division in 2016. We have been invited to report local tech events like Tech Leadership Conference by Communitech, Beacon Forum in Toronto, CCTEH Opening Ceremony, etc. Thus, we have been working closely with the key players in the ecosystem and explored the needs of tech startups.

加拿大不仅是一个有枫叶糖浆、超高颜值总理的国家,它还拥有一个有“小硅谷”之称的城市,滑铁卢。她是目前为止除硅谷外,世界上初创公司最密集的城市。从老牌的黑莓,到今天的独角兽公司Kik, 这里延续着创新和对产品的工匠精神。

  1. Haoyang Liang
    CEO, Wherego “W.I.T Insider has an unique view of Waterloo Region as an innovation hub and tackle the problem from a new angle.”
  2. Desmond Choi
    CEO, Sparkgig “I think what W.I.T Insider is doing is great, as China is developing at a really fast speed. It is beneficial for the local startups to learn from Chinese entrepreneur experience.”
  3. Jack Liu
    CEO, Babylon VR “W.I.T Insider is taking an important role in building the Waterloo Region Innovation brand.”